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CABSS is a high-quality transit service geared specifically towards residents of condo buildings. No more will you have to deal with the headache of Downtown Toronto streets, the costly endeavour of paying for and finding parking, or the inconvenience of driving to a transit station and taking the rail/subway. For a low fare, CABSS will take you from the steps of your condo building to various destinations and then back again at scheduled times in an executive shuttle.

How it works

Drop off destinations and scheduled times vary by condo building and are determined by the results of a survey. Popular destinations include Downtown Toronto, local GO/Subway Stations, local malls, etc. Once enough surveys have been collected from residents in your condo building, a shuttle schedule with requested destinations will be setup.


Prices are largely determined by passenger volume. The more people that use the service, the cheaper it is! Based on past experiences, on average, a CABSS ride from your condo to Downtown Toronto will cost just $10 and a CABSS trip to a nearby GO Station/Subway or mall will cost approximately $3!

How to Get CABSS at your Building   
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Schedules and Destinations
Arrange times for our shuttles to ferry tenants to and from desired destinations.
Reserving your seat
Passengers will appreciate comfortable seating and other perks.
Getting to your destination!
Enjoy your day before being picked up and returned home.
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