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CABSS Difference

The CABSS exclusive shuttle service will make multiple stops at your condo, retirement community or other venue on a daily basis, transporting passengers to and from the desired destination at various intervals throughout the day. We pick up passengers straight from the lobby and carry them to the predetermined destination on a convenient schedule – an easy and enjoyable way to experience the travel.
Following the high standards set by its parent company, the fleet of shuttles and mini buses CABSS operates are all furnished with absolute comfort in mind. With luxuries such as full-sized reclining coach seats, climate control, reading lights and television monitors with DVD players, your trip will be just as pleasurable as the destination.
Competitive pricing from CABSS ensures your dollar goes the extra mile with most trips costing anywhere from $3 to $10 depending on the destination.
CABSS works with eco-conscious citizens who are searching for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. With CABSS at the ready, these green-minded urbanites have an answer. Much like car pools and public transportation slash our collective emission rate, CABSS shuttles and buses can transport 11 to 56 passengers at a time, saving costs on fuel and lessening the impact on the environment. Enjoy a comfortable, convenient, cost-effective and clean way to travel with the private shuttle service from CABSS.