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How to Get CABSS at your Building


Fill out the survey on our website: Click Here.
Remember, since prices are determined by the number of passengers, encourage others in your building to fill out the survey as well!

Schedules and Destinations

Once enough surveys have been collected from residents in your condo building, a shuttle schedule with requested destinations will be setup. Schedules will be posted in your building’s lobbies and/or be made available online.

Reserving your seat

CABSS makes reserving and paying for your seat a breeze with our online payment system. Once you decide what shuttle you would like to take and at what time, just go online to our website, follow the steps and book your seat to receive an e-ticket.

Getting to your destination!

Your CABSS shuttle will arrive in front of your building on the scheduled time. Upon boarding the shuttle, your CABSS driver will scan your e-ticket and you’re good to go! It’s as simple as that.

If you want a round trip, make sure you book a return ticket. The same pick up process will apply, just show up to the pick up destination at the scheduled time, show the driver your ticket and the CABSS shuttle will take you back to your building!